Friday, July 28, 2006

North Pond

07-30-06 More work on this painting. While I have improved the bare trees I am not as pleased with the fore and middle ground. I much prefer the warmer glow in the painting before I added more to it.

07-28-06 I have been working on this 24" x 12" oil painting of the North pond and pasture which is the view from my kitchen window. This painting was done from a reference photo I took in March, 2006. I used a limited palette of Holbein Light Yellow, Lemon, Deep Red, Ultramarine Blue, Blue, White and Ivory Black.


mac said...

I agree: the 7/28/06 view has a terrific autumnal/late summer glow about it.

Although the images are rather small, part of what I find distracting in the 7/30/06 image are the flowers in the foreground. Perhaps it is the size of the image I'm viewing. But compared to the 7/28 image, the 7/30 looks more cluttered.

Having said that, I'd kill to be able to do anything half as good!

Can't wait to see your progress.


Ann Buckner said...

Hi Mac, thank you for all of your comments on the North Pond painting.

I agree with you about the more cluttered look and the distraction of the red in the foreground. I have already scraped down part of the mid-ground area and will contine to work on it. That is half the fun of painting, finding out what works and what doesn't!

Thanks again for the comments.


P.S. If you click the image they enlarge to a slightly larger view.