Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cherokee Rose

08-11-06 I finished the painting and submitted it for The Homecoming Art Show at the Cherokee Heritage Center. I will know the 21st of August whether the painting was accepted into the show.

08-09-06 This was painted from a photo I took of my neighbor in March of this year. The Cherokee rose reference photos are copyrighted and permission has been received from the sources, Trinity Farms of New Zealand, and the University of Florida, to use the photos. Also, I used a copyright free photo posted by the US government.

The Cherokee rose is a China rose that was brought to the U.S. around 1789. If my understanding is correct, it is symbolic of tears shed on the Trail of Tears. This painting will be entered in The Homecoming art show at the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Wish me luck!


mac said...

Congratulations on having your paintings acceped into the show! That's really neat! I especially like Cherkokee Rose! Is it the show the kind where awards are given?if so, I bet you win one!


Ann Buckner said...

Thank you Mac, for such positive feedback. Hopefully after the show runs, they will set up the show on their website. They have such wonderful artists participating that it is a thrill being in the show.


Ann Buckner said...

Oops, forgot to answer your question. Yes, this is a juried show and awards will be given on the 26th. I plan to attend to see who wins and to see the show. Besides paintings, they have pottery, sculptures, basketry, metal works. So much to see and enjoy.