Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stroke Checklist

I received this information in an e-mail about how to determine whether a person is having a stroke. There are three things to check and they are easy to remember by thinking STR.

S = Smile, have the person smile and notice if it is hard for the person to smile or if it is more lopsided than usual

T = Talk, Ask the person to say a simple sentence such as "Is It raining today?"

R = Raise Arms, Ask the person to raise one arm, than the other arm.

A fourth tip is to ask the person to stick out their tongue. If the person's tongue is crooked rather straight out, that can indicate a stroke.

If you believe that a person has had a stroke, call an ambulance. It has been said that strokes can be reversed if seen by a doctor within a three hour time frame.

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