Saturday, December 23, 2006

Seascape in Progress Painting

I began this large acrylic painting this week, 48" x 30". The photo here shows the 2nd layer of painting. It is hard to tell right now that is will be a beach scene. The goal here is not to paint the photograph as it is but to imagine myself walking along this beach and the feelings it evokes in me and convey those feelings/mood in this painting.

The copyright free reference photo I used is by Late Bloomer of Wet Canvas. I chose this photograph to paint because it has a beautiful late evening contemplative mood. The mood where one walks along or sits on the beach and all is quiet except for the sounds of the surf. A time to reflect or a time of peace. For me each painting is an adventure, never knowing if it will turn out as I have envisioned it or if it will have white gesso applied to it to wipe out everything that was painted.