Monday, May 28, 2007

I've Been Tagged

A watercolor artist friend, Rhonda Carpenter, tagged me and now I have to tag seven other people as well as tell seven things about myself. I'm guessing the purpose of "tagging" is to share a few of one's favorite blogs.

1. I am a twin but not an identical twin. My twin shows her indian heritage while I am fair.

2. Worked in Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope, Alaska, for Sohio Construction Company (SCC). SCC was owned by Standard Oil of Ohio which was owned by British Petroleum (BP).

3. Began painting in my mid-30's for about three years, then stopped for more than 20 years, until a few years ago.

4. I am a grandmother of four.

5. My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii. The tradewinds are like silk caressing the skin.

6. I was a receptionist for former Alaska Governor Walter J. Hickel.

7. I believe in God, Family. staunch Friends, and Country, all of which gives me a firm foundation.

Now for seven (7) Blogs that I am going to tag because I their art resonates with me:

1. Celeste Vaught, Celeste, does beautiful acrylic paintings and has great design/composition skill.

2. Anita Davies, Anita is an English artist that has a terrific eye which is reflected beginning with the sketch to the finished work.

3. Peter Yesis, I enjoy his still life and plein aire work so much.

4. Jon Bernard Koch,, is another artist whose work I admire.

5. Sandra Wilson,, is a watercolor artist that paints lovely light.

6. Dean H.,, is one of my favorite of the Daily Painters, for his use of color and his animal paintings.

7. Rebecca Finch,, has such beauty in her work.

These are just a few of the artists that I enjoy. I hope you visit their Blogs and see the talent I see.



Michelle Himes said...

I guess that since I tagged Rhonda, I'm sort of responsible for your being tagged also. That led me to your blog which I am enjoying tremendously. I love your recent work - you seem to be proficient in many media. I am bookmarking you so that I can visit again.


Ann Buckner said...

Thanks, Michelle, I enjoyed your Blog too. It is fun to visit the
sites each person has listed.


RH Carpenter said...

I like a lot of these artists I'd never seen, Ann, so thanks for playing!

Dean H. said...

Hi Ann. It is an honor to be included in your list of blogs. Thank you. I have looked at your work and find it very appealing. I see that you're already into Wet Canvas. I love that site.What a great learning tool. Been a member for 5 years.

Dean H. aka Deano

Rebecca Finch said...

Ann, Thank you so much for your link. It means a lot that you wanted to share it with others.

Anita Davies said...

Just found this, thankyou so much for the mention and the kind words.
Most appreciated.