Sunday, June 10, 2007

Duty Calls

Sometimes life gets in the way of painting and that is what has happened the last couple of days. A multitude of errands and interruptions so instead of fighting it I tried to go along with the flow, even though I was busily constructing paintings in my mind. Plus, I have been trying to set up a database of my paintings, listing the palette colors, size, medium, support, and date painted. This is very time consuming trying to bring all the information into one place.

The only thing I did was just a quick swish of the brush with triad colors. Mainly Manganese Blue, Yellow Ochre, and Permanent Red. Then I did one with orange, Perm. Red and Manganese and Fr. Ultramarine Blue. I didn't wait for the paper to dry between adding color and it shows in some areas.

These colors came from "Putting People In Your Paintings", by Laurel Hart. This is a wonderful book because it covers composition/design, values and value sketches and so much more.

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