Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Strawberry Queen, Oils Work in Progress

1949 Strawberry Queen
16" x 20"
Work in Progress

I have this old black and white photo of the Queen, Patsy, for the 1949 Strawberry Festival. The festival is held annually and in 1949 the Queen was from my dad's strawberry patch.

Still have people and some background to block in as well as correct grass colors. I will work around the key figure for a day or sa while the paints set up. Right now I'm not very pleased with the way the large tree looks so may change its shape just a bit. It is challenging to work on the Queen's face which is a little over an inch in size.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, I've been looking at your website and I really like the children in the rain in their bathing suits! I like the way you show your paintings in progress. You are welcome to look at my website to see what I have been doing. I like to have a connection with another artist, so I'll stop by here again soon to see more of your work. My email address is

Ann Buckner said...

Marjorie, thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and website. I appreciate your comments very much. I agree, it is nice to have connections with other artists.