Saturday, September 22, 2007

Color Trails Abstract


I wasn't happy with the intensity of the colors in the first abstract so I poured and moved acrylics over it, changing the abstract and the intensity. The paint is very wet and will take a few days to dry as it is painted very thick.

This photo was taken in daylight this morning. I added a few darks among the verticals shown on the viewer's left.

Abstract Watercolor
Arches 300# paper 11 1/2" x 15"
Daniel Smith & Holbein Artist paints

Another foray into abstract using watercolors, Indanthrone Blue, Manganese Blue Hue (can't find regular Manganese now), Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Naples Yellow, Quinacradone Red, Rose Madder. I rotated this painting in all four directions and I like it in any position but found this one the most interesting.

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