Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I sketched this cow from a photo reference from the Wet Canvas Reference Image Library which provides its members with copyright free photos.
Painted with Daniel Smith and Holbein watercolors on 300# Arches cold press watercolor paper. The image size is 6" x 5" with a one inch border.

Below is the initial sketch. Had a time getting the eyes to look level and adjusted it while painting.


RH Carpenter said...

A very cute cow and nicely painted :)

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Rhonda. I'm using a different monitor and computer so I hope the images aren't showing too light or too dark or too red.

Deb L├ęger said...

Oh, I love this painting! That cow is soooooooooooooooo cute. You did a great job on him!


Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Deb! The person that purchased with quite pleased with it.