Thursday, September 13, 2007

Plein Air West Pasture Trees

09-13-07 Plein Air painting today and after this session I can tell I am spoiled with having everything readily available when needing materials. In the beginning I used Pthalo Blue, Cerulean Blue, Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre and Quinacridone Magenta then decided I needed another yellow to lighten and brighten some of the greens. I rarely work with this color palette especially the Pthalo Blue. When I do use Pthalo, it is used quite sparingly because it is such a strong color.

I had a difficult time getting the darks I am use to mixing for the trunk and within the tree. Then mixing the lights without it looking to garish or pasty. Fun!

Doing this painting has energized me to paint outside again, painting what I see in nature. I am hoping that my color visual acuity will improve as well as the brushwork and overall painting skills.

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