Friday, September 21, 2007

Practice, Practice

This set of eyes was done looking in a mirror. The right eye isn't too bad but the left eye is muddy. I used Daniel Smith Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Holbein Rose Madder and Cobalt Blue. I would like to say the wrinkles are from concentration but they are from age and bad eyesight too. :D Back to practicing!

Watercolor practice of skin tones and eyes. The practice will teach me about mixing skin colors and blending tones in different areas of the face. As you can see I need a lot of practice especially in 1) letting paint dry before glazing in another color unless it is intentional, 2) drawing and shaping the eye, both in pencil and paint. There are pros and cons to mixing the skin tones before hand (in watercolor) or laying in one color then placing another color on top, letting them merge. I think that there is a place for both methods in a painting, especially in watercolor.

On Wednesday, I stepped down as a Guide in the Acrylics Forum at Wet Canvas, mostly due to health but also because I wanted to devote more time to studying and my family. Tomorrow, my mom celebrates her 89th birthday which brings home to me that time with her is not endless.

Happily, she is on a trip to the NE and enjoying life. My request to her was that she and the rest of my family bring home lots of photos for me to use as reference.

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