Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy Saturday

The photo is of crepe myrtle I cut from the bush in the front yard. I have brightened and upped the contrast a bit on the photo. The sun was shining through the kitchen window onto the counter and I thought the crepe myrtle with the light going through the vase and water was lovely. Maybe one day soon I will try painting this photo.

Today has been a busy day in front of the computer with just a little painting. I started the acrylic version of the photo reference from the Wet Canvas Difference Strokes project. The photo can be viewed here. I'm changing the painting a bit from the photo but won't post it until the 20th of October when it can be posted in the Acrylics Forum too.

Most of the day was spent learning a new program for publishing newsletters. Beginning in January, I will be setting up the ANA (Artists of Northwest Arkansas) newsletter each month. So decided I had better learn the program and practice setting up the graphics and texts. It is a great little program called Publish It offered by Poster Software.

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