Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Computer Withdrawal

After having had a computer so accessible for so many years, I found out this past week what it was like to be without one as mine had problems and couldn't boot up. It shows how much a part of one's daily life a computer has become. I also discovered how necessary it is to back up the important information and having it in a paper file.

In many ways it was an opportunity as I rearranged my studio and spent time with my family. I didn't get any painting done though but plan on changing that this week. Painting is also a necessity to my well being. I can go a few days without painting then find that my fingers begin to feel the need to hold a paint brush while my mind is busily looking at what is around me. Noting colors, shapes, shadows, trying to mix the colors in my mind that I see.


Anonymous said...

So bad news about the computer, they all break up sooner or later, ain't them? but looks like your off-line time has been really enjoyable so maybe it's been for the better, now go back to your painting table and pick thosse watercolors, your latest paintings are awesome, I loved the tree and the ees practice, those skintones rocks, and the cow too, good job with the light and shading colors, the forehead is my favourite area of that one full of texture and contrast, just lovely.


Ann Buckner said...

Hi Teresa! You know about those computers. This one loads slower than the other one so tries my patience a bit. Definitely need more ram. I played with watercolor yesterday, layering colors, trying for luminous darks and vibrant light. Hope to paint tomorrow something that can be posted. Thanks for reading the blog and your comments!