Monday, October 22, 2007

Misty, What Went Wrong?

In looking at the painting this morning, my main question is, "where are the shapes and dimensions off?" So I put the photo of the painting in Paint and drew lines. Even my lines are off a little. The eyes should rest approximately half way between the top of the head and chin, the edge of the nostrils end at the beginning of the tear ducts. The edges of the mouth line up with the pupils.

I could have saved myself a lot of time by making sure the dimensions were correct before adding paint. By winging it though, this is a lesson I will remember for future portraits. Now I will restructure the face and hopefully get a closer likeness of Misty. I know she would appreciate that too!

Happy Belated 25th Birthday Misty!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
I've been taking a look at all the steps you've posted of Misty's portrait and guess you've moved oo much the left eye (viewer's left)when you were doing your corrections, don't you think? it looked perfectly right in the image you posted on October 16, as far as proportion goes since obviously I don't know how Misty looks like, but somehow you moved it a bit to the upper left, plus it looks kind of bigger now, isn't it? anyway I don't think you'll have any problem to fix such a small thing plus it worths the effort, you are right, the likeness will make all the difference for her when she sees it. Sure she'll be deligted when you finish this one! You're more than capable to make the portrait look jsut like her.


Ann Buckner said...

You are right about the eye, it was higher and a bit larger. I have gessoed over the whole face an oval as the head was leaning a bit too much also. So will restart the painting but before starting will resketch or mark lines for placement of the features.

I appreciate your looking and the feedback Teresa. Fresh eyes always help. I've been thinking of sketching her for a watercolor painting too which I might like even better. :)