Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Misty Work In Progress

10-19-07 End of the day photo taken under fluorescent lights with a glare. Tomorrow will be working on the nose, mouth area and the hair.

10-19-07 Here is a progress photo of Misty. I think I now have the angle of the eyes correct. It really helps to turn the painting upside down and paint shapes rather than subject. The eyes are not finished but at least I don't feel like two dark orbs are staring at me. Gave me a very spooking feeling. When painting the nose and mouth the painting will again be rotated to get a more accurate placement and shape. My apologies for the photos. My camera is definitely not taking good photos. This photo was taken outside then darkened to show the values more accurately.

I am using a mix of Liquitex, Golden and Stephen Quiller artist quality acrylics. Cobalt Blue, Primary Cyan, Hookers Green, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Dioxazine Purple, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red Light plus gesso.

Between the camera and the monitor it is hard to get an accurate photo. This sketch of my granddaughter, who will be 24 this month, is charcoal on a pale yellow ochre underpainting, 16" x 20" stretched canvas. On my monitor it looks red with hints of yellow and blue. The sketch looks somewhat like her and will correct as I go in with the underpainting. It was done from a composite of three photos.


Deb L├ęger said...

What a wonderful drawing, Ann!!! I can't wait to see it as you progress.

Ann Buckner said...

Thank you Deb, for the comments and for being such a supporter of my work.

I'm hoping I can portray more of her personality in this painting. She is such a lovely young woman, inside and out. Of course, I could be more than slightly prejudiced since she is my granddaughter lol.


Anonymous said...

Wow Ann, I'm loving it, you've done a great job on her eyes and the mouth is looking good so far, can't wait for the next step. Those flowers are her favourites? or just something random?