Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Watercolor Canvas

My first experience painting on watercolor canvas. This is a 12" x 9" size with the first layers of paint. My reference is from the Different Strokes monthly project in the Acrylics Forum at Wet Canvas. I thought I would try this first in watercolor so I could experiment with this canvas.

I love the way the paint just flows on and how the paint lifts easily to create lighter areas. Definitely will purchase more of the canvas but unstretched for easier matting and framing under glass.

Also, the purplish looking areas that show on my screen are really a neutral gray gravelly area. This monitor sure likes the red tones.


RH Carpenter said...

Ann, once you finish your painting you can spray seal it with acrylic matte medium in a spray can and you don't have to put glass over it - that's the beauty of watercolor canvas :) And I haven't noticed any discoloring on the ones I've done.

Deb L├ęger said...

I love this, Ann. It has your signature softness. You're going to add more layers? Can't wait to see it. I might just have to try this watercolour canvas! lol.


Ann Buckner said...

Rhonda, thanks for the info on the matte medium spray. I will have to give that a try when I actually have a finished painting lol.

Thanks Deb. Yes, the first layers only but just posted an update. I am not pleased with the lone background tree. I may soften it so it recedes more.

I want to try the watercolor canvas with acrylics also, to see if I like how it works with them. I have a feeling I will like working with acrylics even more on this type of canvas. Maybe absorbent ground on regular canvas would give the same feel?

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Deb!