Friday, October 12, 2007

Watercolor Landscape

10-14-07 I reworked the painting, adding more darks to create contrast, lifted lights and added a few more rocks. I like it much better. The one thing I wish I could control is that to get the reds in ground means the sky goes more purple than it is. Now to seal the canvas so the watercolor won't run.

I reworked the trees on the right side of the painting a bit more as well as some of the foreground. This image is scanned rather than using the digital camera and is closer to what the painting actually looks like.

This has been a fun experience, painting with watercolors on canvas. The colors lift pretty well I had a little trouble glazing color and found it is better to lay down the value one wants on the first go when possible. I often think I am heavyhanded with a brush and touch the canvas too firmly and therefore, move the color instead of layering color. On my screen it looks a bit brighter red than it is in real life but the colors on the actual painting are really beautiful.


Deb L├ęger said...

Wow! Beautiful Ann! You have such a signature way of painting so wonderfully soft!!! I wish I could.

All in all, will you paint on canvas again?

who loves this painting!

Ann Buckner said...

Thank you Deb! Yes, definitely will be painting again on watercolor canvas. I love the way the paint flows and lifts when needed.