Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Garrett's Copal Website Link

This morning I've been reading about Garrett's Copal Medium and techniques for oil painting. Their Techniques page is a fount of information on paints, their values, hues and chroma as well as what colors work best in different areas and on different subjects.

I know it isn't as enjoyable to see works in process as it is finished paintings but I've reached a point where it is one step forward with two steps back. I am working with subjects that are new to me such as figures/animals as well as trying to retrain myself in landscape and still life. So I need to step back, regroup and relearn which is part and parcel of painting, at least for me. There will always be stages of growth and periods of what appears to be stagnation while in actuality those stagnation periods are producing future growth. It is with great hope and fervor that this proves true for me.


Anonymous said...

The technical page you refer to is from either Doerner or Eastlake, and not written by Mr Garrett.

Ann Buckner said...

Thank you for the information. The link posted is to the Garret Copal Technical page, even if it doesn't mention the author of the information. :)