Thursday, December 06, 2007

Crepe Myrtle Watercolor Update

Worked on the flowers and the reflections in the vase. I'm not happy with the work on the vase. I could correct it with acrylics and may decide to do that. Right now though, I'm calling this one finished.

Worked on the brick and reflections in he vase a bit more. Next step is to work on the flowers and clarify the shapes within the vase.


RH Carpenter said...

Ann, I think it would have been more about the flowers if you'd left the bricks less finished and detailed - maybe you could push them back a bit with a glaze of cobalt or rough them up a bit with a damp brush, lifting some of the hard edges and softening it a bit.

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for stopping by to look Rhonda, and your helpful suggestion. You are right, graying the background would set it back on a different plane and create more depth. I will definitely try to remember that with the next painting. :)