Monday, December 31, 2007

Time Again For Review & To Look Ahead to 2008

Watersoluble Graphite on Newsprint.

Just playing with these new pencils received for Christmas. The newsprint is so light and doesn't take water well, hence the wrinkles, but is great for using charcoal or conte crayons. These pencils will be very useful for value studies.

The last day of 2007 brings pause for reflection. Reviewing the past year, thinking of areas where I can see improvement and what areas I would like more improvement. Such as a change in the way paint is applied or what steps are taken to set up and improve a composition. I want to see more passion in my work rather than just trying to replicate what I see. Asking questions such as what is it that made me want to paint this? Is it the shapes, the color, the play of light against dark? Does it bring back fond memories or is it more to do with a statement of sadness or injustice or joy?

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