Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tree Study

This is all I had time to paint today, a partial tree study in watercolor, unless one counts the three kitchen drawers that were painted too. Still have five cabinet drawers to paint and hope to finish them tomorrow. It will be nice to have the kitchen back together, then maybe I can concentrate on painting! Oops, forgot that there is house cleaning yet to be done. :( Oh well, at least a stroke here and there with a paint brush makes the anticipation even more when there is more than a few minutes to paint.

I have also been looking through photographs that have red in them for a watercolor painting for a good friend's daughter. I am wanting something that says life is full of possibilities and hope. I have no doubt that I will find the right one.

One week until Christmas! I received three Christmas packages today from my beautiful daughter and her family. Can't hardly wait to open them knowing they contain art supplies. I get so excited, like a kid in a candy store. Hope you too get the same enjoyment and feeling of love, hope and peace that I do.


RH Carpenter said...

Ann, this is perfect in it's simplicity - you go, girl!!! Maybe painting cabinets is what you should do more often and then a tiny little pearl of a painting like this - it is beautiful!!

Ann Buckner said...

Gee thanks, Rhonda! The tree looks a little stiff and doesn't have any warmth to it but It was a pleasure to do. Two cabinets left to paint a second coat and put the hardware on, yea!!!