Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Addictions, Drugs

An update on this painting. I lengthened the syringe changed the perspective a bit on the bottles. Today I am buying a small level as I think the tray on my easel slants a bit and I can't tell if it is level. Hence, wonky perspective or slanted lines. My excuse for the day, lol.

A friend of mine told me she found this painting quite disturbing. I think in some part, all of us will. To me it brings imaginings of living a crippling, wasted lives bounded by the next fix. On the other hand, I think of my diabetic sister and how life saving drugs can be. Whatever ones thoughts are on this painting, to me it is at the least, thought provoking.


RH Carpenter said...

This painting makes a strong statement - keep going on those addictions. We will all be made uneasy at times when you hit on our addiction of choice!! Great work!!

Ann Buckner said...

I'm lightening up a bit by painting chocolate. I know chocolate is one of your favorite things so hope you enjoy this one too.

My goal is to keep these Addictions paintings very simple/minimal, with the hope of evoking responses from the viewers about the subject matter and the painting.