Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reading Blogs

I subscribe to a few different art blogs and this morning I was reading the update from Greg Kapka's blog. On his recent trip to London he viewed Sargent's work which has to be thrilling.

Another art group I belong to is the Cowdisley group on Yahoo. I lurk and enjoy reading the many topics. In the update I received this morning from the group, Mark Daly's name was mentioned so I clicked the link. Beautiful work. One of the pages I read on Mark Daly's website was the ALSD notes about still life paintings and composing the abstracts first then finding objects to fit the abstract shapes. Kurt Schwitter's name was mentioned so I Googled him to view his collage work.

This is a great way to energize the mind, pondering other artist's methods while viewing some great artwork too.

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