Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yo-Yo Block In

Yesterday I mentioned how I procrastinate between paintings and that I had gessoed two unstretched canvas pieces. I taped the two canvas pieces to a board and began blocking in a yo-yo and a Hot Wheels car that is sitting on a dresser. The paint is still wet this morning as I didn't use a drying medium with it.

Before painting more on the yo-yo, I am going to block in another painting that fits the square format of the canvas. With that one I plan to begin with a grasaille (gray value underpainting) before adding color. Each painting area is approximately 6" x 6".

These small studies are practice pieces, studying brush strokes, color and values. They may get trashed or they may become useful for a larger painting. Either way, the main object will be achieved, which is to learn and appreciate more what goes into a painting.

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