Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life Gets in the Way Sometimes

Sketched on Tuesday, 2-19-08

Sketched on Wednesday, 02-20-08

Sketched this morning, 02-21-08. As you can see I haven't been concerned with correct spacing or angles but in learning shapes such as how the eye sits in the socket; which plane comes forward which plane recedes. It is fairly simple to do one eye but much more difficult doing two eyes. Drawing the eyes the same size and level, the pupils and iris about the same size, keeping the contours about the same, placing the highlights in the correct place and, giving the eye its 3D look by placing it in its sockets by use of values and planes. These sketches were all from imagination (not looking at a photo). The first image is based on a reference photo but did not use it to sketch this one. The single eye sketched was done after watching a video on You Tube by

It has been a busy week and not much painting done. Other obligations get in the way plus, the studio just had to be cleaned and sorted again. I did paint the lettering on a wooden doggy bone marker for my twin's dearly departed dog, Coffeebreak. Now I have to stretch canvas which I have procrastinated doing. Things such as cleaning, grocery shopping and helping my Mom who has macular degeneration, often are interspersed with painting or sketching time.

Today my brother brought me a 21" computer monitor. When looking at the blog and my website it makes me wonder if all the images look as washed out to you as they now do to me on this new monitor??? So that means it is time for new photos of the paintings or use the light levels in Photoshop to adjust the ones that are displayed.

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