Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Addictions, Gambling


03-08-08 Decided to work more on this painting making the chips less defined, grayed back the cards so they were not so prominent, defined the lips and shadows just a bit more, and changed the sleeve color on the arms in the foreground. This painting was taken outside this morning then darkened to bring it more in line with the painting. I could have increased the contrast to bring out more of the highlights that are on the forehead and hands but decided to leave it as is.

03-07-08 The values and skin tones were changed on the foreground hands and more definition added to the chips but I think the chips will be changed to less edges in areas. The cards were lightened and more detail added but will be darkening the cards so more focus is on the face instead of the cards.

10" x 10"
Stretched Canvas

I may work on a few areas tomorrow, like the cards. For something so simple, they were hard to paint freehand. I've posted this at Wet Canvas in the Oils Forum for comments and critique. I'm sure there will be areas that need more correction that I'm not seeing. It is always great to have fresh eyes look at my work and offer constructive comments.

This painting is dark but it may look too dark on your monitors. I have adjusted my monitor as the images were showing light on it but on other monitors they were way too dark. So I am hoping that this time the adjustment is close to accurate.

My next venture will be color studies for flesh. Doing those studies creates a great opportunity to practice the different elements that make up the face or figure.

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