Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Calling Down The Thunder In Progress

03-13-08 One of the things about painting is how it can make one feel humble and sometimes inept especially when attempting to paint a distinguishable face approximately 1" in size. Artists who accomplish this have my admiration. Today, that is the area I will continue to work, my goal is to leave each brush stroke alone so the color and values stay fresh and clean. Wish me nimble fingers and sharp eyes!

I began this painting today featuring a Cherokee dancer. The dancer is taken from a photograph taken by my brother at the local Bell Pow Wow. The landscape behind the dancer is pure imagination. I wanted a composition for this painting that placed the focus on the dancer and I think this one works. This is almost a cruciform composition with the dark clouds above the dancer's head and the darks opposite each arm. It may be a bit too busy so will keep looking at it as I work more on the figure.
This first photo shows the initial blocking in to cover the canvas. My basic palette is Caput Mortuum, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (TYIO), Burnt Umber, Raw Umber and Yellow Ochre which is more opaque than the TYIO. The orange glow you is the TYI Oxide initially used to tone the unstretched canvas. Naples Yellow is a staple on my palette and it is often used in the place of Titanium White.
This second photo shows the figure beginning to take shape with placement of the fringes, feathers and angle of the arms.

This last photo shows the beginning of the tones on the face and more tonal work done on the dancer's clothing. I added Cadmium Red Light and Cad. Red Medium along with Cadimum Yellow Medium to the list of colors.


RH Carpenter said...

I love this - so much power in the painting. What size is it? Now...don't don't don't overwork it and analyze it to death, girl!!! Let the painting do it's thing and step back and stop thinking about it when it's out of sight. This is looking great!!! Much emotion/power/feeling and that's what you've been looking for.

Ann Buckner said...

Oh Rhonda, you are a few minutes too late. I pitched it in the "round file" as I wasn't pleased with this particular study which was a 9"x12". I'm going larger so I can finesse the features on the face more to my liking. Thanks though, I do appreciate the feedback which is so important to a struggling painter.

Deb L├ęger said...

Oh please tell me it isn't so!!!! Please say that this is NOT the one you scrapped!!! If you just simply pitched it into your 'round file', can you get retrieve it? It's great Ann - you were really going places with this. I loved the powerful sky - it fits so wonderfully well with the dance!!! Can you go get it from the 'round file'? I sure hope so!!! Maybe next time, just set it aside for a while. Really, Ann, I loved it!


Ann Buckner said...

Not retrievable Deb but thank you for wishing it were. I haven't given up on painting the indian but am going larger with it. It may be better it may be worse. The important thing is that from each painting I gleam little pearls worth their weight