Friday, March 28, 2008

The Falls, Update

Had to edit this post. Too many typos and missing words. :(

I have posted the previous photo(the one on the right or bottom depending on your viewer) so you can see the painting has changed. In the photo on the left you can see that the left waterfall is now narrower at the top and the hillside is darker. I messed with the area of the cliff front on the viewer's right and don't like it as well now.

Again, this has been a difficult painting to photograph. I have taken photos outside at different times during the day, changed the white setting then taken photos inside under incandescent and fluorescent light.

As I view this painting, I keep thinking that there is a lot of clutter rather than simplified shapes and wonder if that isn't a product of a cluttered mind.

I may scrap part of this painting down and just use it for experimenting and practicing values. Or I may just set it aside until another day and look at it again to see if I can improve it.


Deb L├ęger said...

Oh Ann, I sure hope you don't scrap this one. The water looks great, the lower hillside looks awesome with the colour you put in. But I think it competes with the upper hillside where the falls originate a bit. I think the uppper section of the painting is a bit confusing. I ask myself, is that trees or a hillside? Do you think that maybe the spot where the falls start could be much darker to pull it out from the background hillside? I think right now, it looks too blended in to the background. But, that's just MHO which doens't mean much so don't take my word for it! lol. You're the expert on landscapes! But please don't scrap it. The lower hillside and the falls and the water all look too awesome to scrap. Seriously.


ps - I like the way, when we make a comment on your blog, the comment box opens in a new screen! That is so handy!!!

Dawn said...

Hi Ann,
I like the left painting better just because of the light on the water. Dont scrap it, save it for later!

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Deb & Dawn, thank you both for your comments. They are so helpful and encouraging. I always appreciate the feedback as it helps to hear how other's perceive a painting.