Monday, March 17, 2008

My Workspace

This photo shows the painting areas. You can see the narrow table in the foreground and that is used for watercolors. It is on wheels and easily moved.

The next photo shows the area where I will paint with oils. That table is also on wheels.

This photo shows the area set up today for painting acrylics. I can sit on the bar stool to review what has been painted. Above this area is a fluorescent fixture which has warm/cool bulbs in it. Then I have another old heavy metal lamp that I can adjust to focus on different areas. That heavy lamp has a Reveal bulb. Then there is another fluorescent light fixture above the computer desk area. Lighting is so important when it comes to painting.
In the areas that aren't shown sits my computer desk and a recliner, along with a closet and a couple of chests. I took the carpet out knowing I would be slinging paint, and replaced it with tile. The work area could use a fresh coat of paint but I would rather put paint on canvas or paper than on the walls.


Deb L├ęger said...

Wow, I'm impressed! You have one very large area to paint and it's so well laid out and furnished. Love your studio Ann. It doesn't look messy at all. lol


Ann Buckner said...

Oh it is messy as there are piles of magazines, books and art stuff all around the room in areas that didn't show in the photos. I'm tickled to have a space devoted strictly to painting. The furnishings are hand-me-downs and I'm trying to make everything movable so as I paint I can move tables, etc., for more space. When you have your studio done you will have to post photos to share too!