Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nude Figure Sketch & Indian Sketches


I wasn't up to painting the last couple of days so spent a bit of time doing figure and head studies. The references for the nude poses were from Pose Maniacs. The little head shape study was from Dan Gheno's website. I spent a lot of time reading and absorbing as much as I could.

I am also still drawing the head of this indian so I can paint it. I figure the more I draw it on paper, the more accurate will be my initial drawing on the canvas. I could save time by griding the photo and the canvas but by actually sketching it I become more familiar with the bone structure, which planes recedes, which planes come forward.

The practice will help me learn more about each area of the face, how the eyes sit in the socket, the profile (3/4) view, how the light reflects off the skin, the colors in the different areas of the skin. I have been having a difficult time comprehending the tones (colors/values) in the half tones which separate the light areas from the dark areas.

Another thing the sketching will help me with is the way I sketch. Yesterday I just practiced strokes with the pencil such as hatching and cross hatching. I am hoping that this will also teach me that less is more and that I don't need every line or shadow to show form.

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