Friday, March 14, 2008

Oil Paint Practice

Before scraping down the painting I continued to work on it, in the eye and mouth, nose area especially.
I began this study last night on a 5x7" Ampersand gessobord. One of my goals with this practice was placing the different values on the face and then softening the merging areas. It blends beautifully as long as the paint is fresh but once the paint begins to tack up I need to quit as the paint begins to lift or bead up a bit when I lift the brush. That may not be a great explanation but what happens is the face begins to roughen instead of having the smoothness or softness look of skin.

The proportions are all off as this face is strictly from my imagination and I didn't measure or use a grid to draw the face first. My second goal was specifically the eye area. I wanted to set the eye socket into the head and then build the roundness of the eye ball as it protrudes from the socket. I succeeded in part but recognize that many more studies are needed so that I thoroughly understand how the face is formed. Now I will scrape down this painting and start another one

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