Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rainy Day

I took this photo about 10:15a.m. this morning. As you can see the ground is rain soaked. We have had heavy rains and thunderstorms all night and into the morning.

A couple of more sketches of the indian I am planning to paint again and a sketch of a fictitious male. In the indian sketches my aim was to show more expressive movement and somewhat different design elements.
The male sketch was done to become comfortable with placement of the features, remembering widths, lengths and general shapes. The ears are uneven so will have to watch this when I begin a more serious drawing.

I painted this on Sunday, just playing with paintings and the Garret Copal Medium with which I plan to use more often in painting so need to learn how it handles.


Dawn said...

Hi Ann,

I have added you to my blog roll. And can I say I love the painting? It reminds me of the paintings of landscapes my grandparents had, same type of color palette. just lovely. And your sketches are coming along too

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for taking a look at my blog and for commenting. I enjoyed this little landscape, painting the textures in the fore and mid-grounds.

Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Ann, I love the landscape, those colours just sing! You're capturing light sooooooooooo beautifully.

In the charcoal sketches, the male sketch has excellent features. The eyes looks great!

My gosh! There's something missing in the shot you took of your fields --- SNOW! ROTFLOL! Want some? I could ship you lots down. Sure wish our fields looked so snowless. Be happy that there's water in those fields instead. LOL!