Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rough Sketches, Nudes

These are some practices sketches, really rough. I'm a firm believer in posting the good and the bad. It may not be as pleasurable to view but I can sit back, look at the images and think how and what could be improved. My mind was partly on sketching and partly on the upcoming Trail of Tears Art Show.

I have until Monday to make up my mind whether I will enter a painting. It is a juried show and they always have some beautiful art. One of my favorite artist that has shown in the Trail of Tears Art Show is Jerry Yarnell. His work is even better in real life. He makes painting look easy and is a fantastically caring teacher. I was lucky enough to take one class and want to go back for more. It is at least a two hour drive for me but well worth the trip.

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