Sunday, March 30, 2008

Watercolor Underpainting

These are tiny little studies of different color underpaintings in the shadow areas with different colors applied over them. The largest pear shape is less than 1" in size. I have joined with a couple of other artist friends to do underpaintings using pears as the subject since the shapes are simple. I mixed a gray composed of cobalt blue, pthalo blue and burnt sienna as one of the underpaintings. Then, the other pears have individual colors of cobalt blue, virdian, quin. magenta, quin rose, and burnt sienna painted in the shadow areas. That is allowed to dry then a layer of color is painted over them. I used Aureolin as my yellow along with a red Scarlet Lake. This was fun but this is only a small step just to give me an idea as to what the underpaintings would look like when painted over with another color.

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