Monday, March 24, 2008

Waterfall Landscape WIP

Hmmmm, maybe it wasn't Blogger but me that was having the problem. Anyway here is the in progress photo.

The painting is an 18" x 24" oil on stretched canvas. With this painting, I'm finding that I am painting in the same "old" way. My goal still, is to become more deliberate with my brush strokes, laying down a stroke and leaving it alone. In some areas I blend because a misty effect is needed so that just a hint of a tree(s) come through, in that instance I can't lay down a stroke and leave it alone.

Have a great day!


Deb L├ęger said...

Ann, this is going to be a beauty! You find that this is your same 'old' way of painting??? I thought you'd done it with a knife and that it looked great. (I think your 'old' way of painting is extremely awesome though!)

Can't wait to see more of this one!


Ann Buckner said...

Hi Deb, part of this painting is done with a knife and a credit card. Had a ball too can you tell? I'm working on the upper half now to bring it more in line with my vision for the painting. Thanks for posting!