Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Big Thank You!

I noticed a link to Rhonda's blog that wasn't working so fixed that.

I have devoted artist friends who regularly provide encouragement and support. We met through Watercolor Workshop, a yahoo group, about five years ago. During that time, we did a year long monthly painting project, and often have projects such as underpainting the pears, that we all do together (or as many of us that can.) So to Deb(Canada), Rhonda(Kentucky), Paulette(New York) and Teresa(Spain), many, many thanks for offering solid critiques, insightful comments, and kind words when I needed my flagging ego boosted.

On a side note, today (and maybe part of tomorrow) is being devoted to preparing the ANA (Artists of Northwest Arkansas) monthly newsletter for printing. From that information, the ANA website is updated. Which means, in case you are wondering, there won't be a lot of painting or sketching done today, if any. Unless everything goes very smoothly and I finish quicker than expected. Wouldn't that be a bonus (for me anyway.)


Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Ann,

I thank YOU for the constant and unfailing encouragement, help and friendship! And Rhonda and Paulette and Teresa, too! Many people constantly point out the negative aspects and danger of "the web" but it has brought us five nothing but good. I think our friendship, our painting, our constant communication, our art learning process, our group is one of the greatest success stories of the 'net.


ps - if I ever win the lottery, all five of us are going on a painting holiday together and if you say you can't travel, we'll have our painting holiday in Oklahoma!

Anonymous said...


what do they say, for the good and the bad, ain't that? as Deb said so well thank YOU Ann, is great to have 4 people to honestly talk about art and life and ups and downs and always be able to expect encouragement, understanding and a push whenever it's needed lol, just like family, you all are my family abroad, such good things can the net bring

Have a nice day working on that newsletter :)

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for popping in. Just had to say the thank you. I learned early in life to share the positives when we get the chance or I might not have that opportunity again.

Hope you all are painting pears!