Thursday, April 03, 2008

Old High School In Progress

I started this painting last night in acrylics, size 20" x 16". It is of my old highschool that was torn down many years ago. I have been fussing with perspective most of the day. There are lines that need to be corrected and added before actually painting in details. The windows have small panes so I have to add the perspective lines for those so I can get them half way accurate.

To help resolve the prospective issues, I drew the eye level or horizon line on a picture of the painting then started drawing with Microsoft paint the perspective lines. That has been printed and so now I can proceed. It has been storming here all afternoon and pouring rain which is great for the crops but I unplug the computer so no printing, etc. Right now it is nice and calm but more storms are expected. The rain is at least good for the crops, greening up grass and napping or reading a book.


Deb L├ęger said...

It's looking great, Ann. I love this part, "so I can get them halfway accurate". I've never ever seen any of your work that was "halfway" accurate. lol. It's always perfect.

Don't stress! The perspective looks really good. With all those angles and lines, it could very easily be a perspective nightmare but you've handled it great.


ps - when it's on the wall, on display, and hordes of people are gathered round, wondering "who is the amazingly talented artist that created this", and "what famous artist did they commission for this?" and all sorts of other wildly complimentary and true things, you can stand back and quietly revel in the glory. And I can guarantee that no one there will crack out any rulers and start measuring any perspective lines. Why not? Because, trust me, it looks great! Enjoy painting it. Enjoy being the operative word!

Okay, well one question. What's that round object in the back going to be?

Ann Buckner said...

ROFL, now you are being too funny and too kind. One part of me wants to just get in with the brush and paint, the other part is saying proceed more cautiously and step back frequently. Both ways are good and hopefully will do both.

The rounded part of the building is the gym. I plan on fading that back a bit I think so it recedes more into the distance. It will have kids and trees in front of it hopefully helping to create that distance.