Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sadie, Graphite Sketch

Sadie, Sitting on the Sand
Graphie Sketch
Typing Paper

This was such a fun sketch to do and very quick. I sharpened a woodless pencil and emptied the graphite from the sharpener on to paper. I smudged the paper with my finger then began lifting lights with a kneaded eraser and a paper towel. Then I used the same woodless HB pencil to place the eyes, ears and form a bit of the life preserver and clothing Sadie was wearing. Hope you enjoy it.


RH Carpenter said...

This is really lovely - so soft and so evocative of childhood. I'd like to see you do another on real paper :) like this - and have her wearing a sundress. So nice!

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks again for such lovely comments, Rhonda. You are right, I need to practice on Bristol paper instead of typing paper just in case I like what I see. I'm saving all my sketches and dating them so I can look back in a year with the hope of seeing improvements.

Deb L├ęger said...

Ohhhhhh your granddaughter is such a cutie! Is this the one you are going to paint? It's a beautiful sketch, Ann! Has Sadie seen it yet? :-)

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Deb! She really is and has such lovely pale skin with very dark hair. I sent a copy to my daughter earlier today. Will see what she thinks. :)