Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sadie on the beach, watercolor

Sadie On the Beach
10" x 13"
300# Fabriano Aristico paper

This is my first effort at painting my granddaughter. With her back to the light I found working with so much shadowed areas more difficult. My palette consisted of cobalt blue, cerulean blue, yellow ochre and permanent alizarin crimson. I added french ultramarine blue and burnt sienna to use for the eyes and lashes. The skin tones on this painting look blotchy and Sadie has the most beautiful porcelain skin so my goal is to improve that. Also her hair is darker and it looks like I made my mix too watery. I may face her toward the sun if I can work out where the sun would strike her face and body for the next painting. Had a grand time painting this though

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