Monday, May 12, 2008

Sadie Sketch, Graphite

This morning, I reviewed the sketch of Sadie and reworked it a bit. I raised the upper lip just a bit and changed the slant of the mouth. The chin was shortened, lightened the shadows along side, under and above the eyes. Raised the ear a bit to bring in more in line with the eye to none line. Her back was changed by correcting the angle and raising the shoulder of the safety vest. I think these changes made a difference in the sketch. What do you think? These photos can be opened in new windows to compare them side by side.

This sketch is in graphite on newsprint, drawn to fit a half sheet watercolor paper which would be 15" x 22" less margins. In looking at the sketch I am going to double check her back and front area to make sure the angles are correct. The photo was not a good one to get eye detail so I had to judge the correctness of the size and direction of the eyes. The more I draw and paint Sadie, the more familiar I will become with her features. I think Sadie was about four years old in the reference photo and now she is the ripe old age of seven, turning eight at the end of the year.

More storms are predicted for the next couple of days. I hope and pray that the storms are not very strong, without the devastation and deaths that happened over the past weekend. It would be a pleasant change to just have some gentle Spring rains.

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