Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cedars, Watercolor Postcard

Watercolor Postcard
6" x 4" Card Size

We have some beautiful and elegant looking cedar trees along the edge of the pasture. This simplified little painting was to show the shapes and play with color, using New Gamboge, Quin. Violet, Ultramarine Blue (Maimeri), Indanthrone Blue, Quin. Burnt Orange.

On days like today when I'm not feeling energetic, or those days when there are too many other obligations, these little postcards are the perfect size for at least putting a little paint to paper. They are also perfect for learning to simplify subjects or do color studies.


Deb L├ęger said...

Hi again, Ann. I love this one too but the other is my favourite. I really love the border you painted around it, too. I sure wish I could paint loose like you!


Ann Buckner said...
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Ann Buckner said...

Ha! My typing is terrible so I deleted my comment. You can and do paint loose when you choose to, Deb! So please, Keep On Painting!