Saturday, June 28, 2008

Koi, Unfinished

Koi, 22" x 15", Fabriano Aristico watercolor paper. I've spent part of the afternoon learning to paint koi, working wet in wet. The lower left (viewer's left is a bit darker than is shown while the lower right has the reds, greens and golds along with the blues, although it looks like blue only.

What I've learned from doing this half sheet is to study one koi while I practice painting it. You have to be quick painting wet into wet and I often hesitate, walk away, come back and wipe out as can be seen by the white fish (or will be a fish eventually) in the lower left corner.

A lot of blogs show mostly completed work. On this blog one will see some good, some bad, but all a learning process. Cheng-Khee Chee has my admiration for painting the most beautiful koi paintings, which are by no means easy, as it takes a lot of knowledge and skill about painting and the subject matter.


Deb Léger said...

Ann, these are gorgeous! Did you do it the way Chee does, lifting the fish out? Wow! You have my supreme admiration because I've watched the dvd of him doing it!! I want to try it but haven't had the courage yet. Love this! I love koi paintings. Love the action of the top fish, too - he looks like he's swooping in to swipe some food. Beautiful!

Ann Buckner said...

I tried to do it the way Chee does it lol. That takes a good eye, quick hands, and knowledge of the subject and I'm definitely not there yet. Was sure fun and messy though. I now have pthalo blue/green fingers! :D

Deb Léger said...

LOL, don't you love it when your fingers are so coloured!

Ann Buckner said...

Oh sure, green or blue fingers makes a great fashion statement, especially when shopping! ha ha Bleach water works great though for removing the stains. :D