Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rose Bud, Update and a Sketch

A bit more refining has been done on the Rose Bud painting. I changed the shape and direction of the leave in front of the three stems, the value and hue of the back leaf and in a few of the foreground leaves, as well as the shape and values of some of the stems. Also, the trellis wire direction was corrected. The hue of the rosebud is not as orangy red but more of a bluer red. Hard to get the camera to photograph it correctly since there is so much green. The darks in the foreground are not quite that dark either but if I lighten it, the rose loses its intensity.

This is a quick pencil sketch I did last night after watching John Salminen's video, "A Designed Approach to Abstraction. I was looking for the large white shape and apply the darkest darks near the center of interest which is the light hitting the front of the building. The is an old tire shop in Watts, Ok that also sells soft drinks and sundry other items. You can't tell it by looking at the sketch but there are flags floating in the breeze, above the roof line, connecting to the telephone pole. With all the signs and posters on the front of the building along with the flags, this is quite a colorful place that has been around many, many years.

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