Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Morning's Thoughts

I was looking at art work on different blogs and websites, and I wondered whether aging eyes see color differently? As we age, do colors look more muted, or grayed rather than vibrant and intense? The reason I am thinking about this question is because when viewing my own work, I've noticed a tendency to paint with less saturated or grayed color (using complements to gray/mute the intensity.) When I paint with more intense colors, it looks garish to me but when I see others work in more saturated color, I love it. So what do you think, does aging make a difference in the way we see and paint color?

When we look at artwork and its price tag, we often wonder how long it took the artist to paint it. Think of the number of hours/years of learning, practice, accumulated knowledge, skill and, in some cases, talent, that has brought the artist an apparently effortless ability to paint.

The electrical work in the house continues after a week's hiatus. Who would have thought there would be so much involved in rewiring a house. The power will be shut off this morning while the electric company moves a transformer and restrings wire (at least I think they will be doing the restringing this morning.) Who knows, it could be just a visit to see what all is needed. Our electrician will do his magic in transferring old to new loops, breaker boxes, etc, even though there is still more wiring to be strung in the attic for outlets, switch plates and ceiling lights. After the electrical is completed then the work on the new central heat and air system begins. Hopefully, that should only take a couple of days though.


Deb L├ęger said...

Hope your electrical woes are soon over, Ann! Sounds like a huge job!

Do you think you might have cataracts? My Mom found that what she thought was normal was not after she had her's removed. She couldn't believe how bright and clean everything looked.

Other than that, your comment makes me wonder. I haven't noticed it with my own vision but then .... our tastes change so why not our vision? Personally, when you paint in saturated colours, I love it. What makes me wonder about your's though is the fact that you like others' intense colours but not your own. Maybe it's because we are so very close and intimate to our own use of colour while painting?

Great thought on the pricetag of a painting!! The skill in any painting sure doesn't happen overnight, does it? I read somewhere (I can't remember where) about an artist being asked that very question and he replied that it took him an entire lifetime to paint it. I thought, "right on, Bud!"

Ann Buckner said...

You raised some good points about what could be happening with a person's eyes as one ages. I didn't even consider how cataracts could affect how one sees.

You are so right, it isn't only the technical aspect of painting but also an artist's life experiences or their way of viewing a subject that makes each painting so inividualistic and unique.