Friday, June 06, 2008

Tim, Watercolor Study

7 x 10 1/2"
watercolor study on paper.

This looks like a very young Tim (my grandson). I lost the squareness of his jaw so lifted paint in an attempt to reshape his jawline. Painting lips looks so simple but apparently I make it difficult. Tim's hair is actually blondish brown and not reddish blonde. Colors used were Cobalt Blue hue, New Gamboge, Raw Sienna, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Burnt Orange. The next time I will switch to Burnt Sienna for mixing better browns and not so reddish-orange.

I am patiently waiting on an order of watercolor paper, artist quality cobalt blue, and misket (well maybe not so patiently but . . .). So I am using this paper that gets little beads or rolls of paper so easily and using a cobalt blue hue. The paper doesn't take lifting or blotting at all well. To preserve the highlights, I used blue painter's tape and it worked pretty well but I prefer using misket. I think I am going to switch to acrylics or oils to paint these portraits but will keep practicing in watercolor as well. Can't learn if I don't practice!


RH Carpenter said...

He looks like he's squinting into the sun so maybe more sunstruck areas on his face would work? I like where it's going - and we don't know his hair isn't true to natural color unless you tell us :) Keep working on the portraits. It's the only way to learn how to fix mistakes and boo-boos and get it right. I should do the same thing but...okay, I'm lazy. This summer is already a lazy time for me, I guess.

Ann Buckner said...

He is squinting slightly as he hadn't been awake long and he was smiling. The picture was taken looking up at the grandkids posed at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning. He has a great face to paint with its angles and planes

Alex said...
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