Friday, July 25, 2008

Brown's Pasture, Again

I bet you are ready for a change from this painting. I know I am. I think the cow now looks more like a cow. I think the foreground tree leaves need work but I'm ready to move on.

I ran out of Ultramarine Blue and so the colors lean more to the "cool" side. To add a bit of warmth I used raw sienna, transparent yellow oxide and transparent red iron oxide. When this dries I will take it off the stretcher bars and store it as reminder of all that went into this painting.

I didn't realize how lost I would feel without ultramarine blue. It is a base color that I use in every painting. This taught me to double check my paints before placing an order. I am going to use alkyd oil paints on the upcoming painting and I know I have ultramarine in the alkyds . . . Thank Goodness!

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