Monday, July 14, 2008

Brown's Pasture, Repaint

This photo shows the painting of Brown's Pasture done in December. I also darkened this photo because it was way too bright and light. Today I cleaned, sanded, and then wiped it down with oil so I could apply fresh paint. After wiping off the dust and excess oil, I began blocking in more neutral colors, reshaping the back and mid-ground. For the background my palette was Payne's Gray, Caput Mortuum, Cerulean Blue, Pthalo Blue, Transparent Red Oxide and Naples Yellow. I applied the paint thin enough so that some of the original colors would shine through. In the mid-ground area, Raw Sienna and Transparent Yellow Oxide were added to the palette mixes. This photo was taken at an angle because of the glare on the wet paint. To take the photo, I opened one of the studio doors and set the painting where it would receive both fluorescent and outside light.

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