Monday, July 21, 2008

Brown's Pasture

Have you ever had a subject that you worked and reworked, determined to keep going no matter how many times it had to be repainted? Well, the foreground cow has been that subject for me, especially its face. There is also a bit of glare coming across the canvas from the viewer's right. I'm going to let this sit overnight again and add some branches to the foreground tree. In real life, that tree isn't in the pasture but cows are notorious for rubbing against the trees to scratch those hard to get to places. Almost forgot, it looks like there is a 5th leg under the stomach so will get that changed too.

What have I learned from this painting? No matter the subject or medium, it is about shapes and values, lights and darks and, composition. I also began using lighter touches with the brush instead of such forcefulness, because by pushing the brush into the paint it can easily disturb the layer beneath and make muddy colors. Is this a painting that I would sell or give away? No way! This painting is good only in that it can teach others what not to do or what to do. That is its value and one I greatly prize.


RH Carpenter said...

Maybe cows are going to elude you, like they did me - remember my cow butts painting that I must have done 5 times and still didn't get it right? ha-ha

Ann Buckner said...

That could be Rhonda. I remember your painting and thought it delightful. It was colorful and a unique view!

I look at the shapes in the photo, lay down a stroke in that shape, step back, and it still doesn't look right. Now I will flip the photo and the painting and place the shapes. That should work if I will just leave it alone and not keep daubing. I have this nervous habit of one stroke won't do but must do two or three more, grrrr.