Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Brillante Weblog Award, A Hoax or . . .?

I just found some information on the Brillante Weblog Award at "With Heart and Hands, A Quilting Journey." It appears to have begun as a hoax. I thought about this for a bit and decided to post the information so the readers could decide for themselves.

For my part, I believe the award was passed along to me and other bloggers in all sincerity. I know that is why I passed it along to seven artists I admire. It accomplishes two things, 1) it tells me that someone out there is reading the blogs and viewing artwork, and 2) it brings other artists to our attention and lets them know we appreciate their work.

So I hope you continue to enjoy the artwork and pass along your appreciation to all the other artists whose work you enjoy.


Dean H. said...

I agree with you, Ann. I didn't look upon this as the equivalent of winning an Oscar for high achievement in art, for Gawd's sake!! Sounds as though some are taking this way too seriously. It is simply another form of Tag that we've all seen circulate on tne net.
It gives you the chance to let folks know you appreciate them and their work...plus give them a little extra exposure on the web.
Hoax is a strong word to apply to a fun idea, IMHO.

Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Ann, can I copy and paste this on my own blog, with credit to you?


Ann Buckner said...

I agree with you Dean, a tag game and acknowledgement that we are enjoying the sites we visit!

Of course Deb, feel free.

RH Carpenter said...

Ann, I'm sharing this on my blog, too, but I feel these are given in sincerity and with a good intent - not a hoax (which has such bad conotations in the very word).

Ann Buckner said...

Definitely a negative connotation in the word hoax, but not in the award, right!

Anonymous said...

I have accidently come across with your blog and I love what I have founded, I'll return.


Ann Buckner said...

Thank you for your comments. I am very pleased that you want to visit this blog again.