Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drawing Pencils Still Life - The Start

This bowl sits on my desk and contains drawing pencils, lead, an exacto knife, a soft sable brush, and loose graphite in a film container. I thought it would be a good study in values since the pencils range from light gray to black. Last night, I set a timer so I could see how far along I was at the end of the hour. The first photo below was taken at the end of that hour. The top photo was taken after approximately one-half hour's painting this morning. The challenge is not only getting the values but the angles and what overlaps. I find myself "smushing" paint into the layer below so then I repaint that area. This painting is all about learning how to place paint, which stroke works best, keeping a light touch with the brush, values, keeping a shape and make it look round or flat. Painting this still life has given rise to questions I want to ask in class this coming Saturday.

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